Angie’s ability to engage with her audience has made her highly effective as a communicator. No matter what the topic, she is able to bring practical applications that are easy to implement ~ especially into high-speed busy lives. Below are just a few of the topics she speaks on.

Teaching/Speaking Topics

  • Silly Putty Women: The wonderfulness of being a Woman of God
  • Full Tilt: Getting all you Can out of Life
  • 4times P Power (Prayer, Purpose, Preparation, Perseverance)
  • Calling Up Overlooked/Unseen Leaders
  • Words spoken, Words Unspoken | Power of the Tongue vs the Power of the Spirit (Abigail, Esther, other women that kept things in their heart)
  • Making My Parents God My God
  • Help, I’ve lost my Identity
  • Joseph: Dream to Blessing, with Yucky in the middle
  • Solomon: Calling out the small to something Big!
  • Stones were meant for more than destruction


  • Finding balance with your To Do List
  • Public Speaking Growth
  • The 60 Second Sell
  • Managing the Unmanageable
  • Play YOUR Position!
  • Who are you leading?